All work completed will be subject to the terms provided on Leatherneck Gunsmithing’s website. Hard copies can be provided at the customers request. Consent to work forms to be signed prior to any work being done.
Service Charges
  • Per man hour – $80.00

General Cleaning

  • Firearm cleaned and oiled – Consisting of completely stripping gun, cleaning all parts, checking for wear, making suggestions on services
    needed to put in A1 condition. $80.00

Sight Work

  • Sight in customer’s firearm (does not include cost of ammo, targets, and range time) $80.00
  • Bore Sighting $80.00
  • Drill and Tap barrel or receiver for sights or scope (Labor only – Parts & Materials not included) $80.00
  • Install customer’s scope to include bases and rings as well as bore sighting $80.00
  • Cut Dovetail in barrel $130

Rifle Work

  • Polish Chamber / Bores $80.00
  • Remove fired case from chamber $80.00
  • Remove live round from chamber $130.00
  • Remove obstruction from bore or barrel (per hour price) $80.00
  • Barrel threading $130.00
  • Trigger install (does not include cost of trigger or parts) $80.00
  • Cut and/or crown barrel (Does not include bluing) $130.00
AR15/AR10 Rifle Work (Labor only – Parts & Materials not included)
  • Maintenance Cleaning (includes complete disassembly, clean, safety check, oil and reassemble. $80.00
  • Install aftermarket trigger $80.00
  • Install aftermarket forend $80.00
  • Assemble Upper $80.00
  • Assemble Lower $80.00
  • Assemble complete firearm $130.00
  • Install flash hider/muzzle brake on pre-threaded barrel (does not include hardware) $80.00
  • Thread barrel $130.00
  • Install/replace gas block $80.00
  • Install/replace AR barrel $80.00
  • Install/replace AR Buttstock & Buffer tube $80.00
  • Rebarreling – Using customer provided action, does not include the cost of the barrel. Final determination of the type of contour, stock, trigger, etc, also required. Please contact Leatherneck Gunsmithing by phone to discuss lead times and cost.


  • Install sight beads $80.00
  • Install screw in chokes – Remington or Winchester threads $140.00
  • Long Forcing Cone $180.00
  • Cut barrel (Does not include bluing) $80.00


  • Revolver Action work, Clean, Smooth action (Labor only – Parts & Materials not included) $130.00
  • Semi-Auto action work – Clean & Smooth (Labor only – Parts & Materials not included) $130.00
  • Trigger install (Labor only – Parts & Materials not included) $80.00

Stock Work

  • Install Recoil Pad (Labor only – Parts & Materials not included) $140.00
  • Install Sling Swivels (Labor only – Parts & Materials not included) $80.00
  • Pillar Bedding (Hunting rifles & Precision rifles) $200.00
  • Prefinished Stock (Fit and Install) $80.00
  • Recut Checkering (per hour charge of $75 per hour)
  • Fixing broken or cracked stocks and forearms will be priced once seen.
  • Hunter Satin Finish
    • Rifle Stocks – 1-piece $160.00
    • Shotgun/Muzzleloaders & 2-piece rifle stocks $140.00
  • High Gloss Finish
    • Rifle Stocks Rifle Stocks – 1-piece $180.00
    • Shotgun/Muzzleloaders & 2-piece rifle stocks $160.00

Custom Work

  • Leatherneck Gunsmithing can do custom rifle builds. These jobs will be priced on request. Customer will be required to furnish action prior to build.

Metal Refinishing

Hot Salt Bluing

Leatherneck Gunsmithing will evaluate each firearm that customer request for bluing. This evaluation will include overall value of the firearm, age, and metal composition. Rebluing a firearm can at sometimes reduce the value and or be harmful to the piece. Some firearms will not be able to be blued due to the alloys used in manufacture.


  • Factory finish $170.00
  • Deluxe (High gloss) $185.00
  • Matte Finish $170.00


  • Factory finish $200.00
  • Deluxe (High gloss) $250.00
  • Matte Finish $200.00
  • Otagon Barreled Rifles: $275.00



  • Factory finish $200.00
  • Deluxe (High gloss) $250.00
  • Matte Finish $200.00

*****PLEASE READ*****

Older Double Barrel Shotguns and Cast shotguns are not recommended for rebluing and will only be done at the liability of the owner of the firearm.

Nickel Plating

Electroless Nickel process


  • Revolvers & Pistols $225.00

Miscellaneous parts

  • Priced per job


Process that produces a non-metallic zinc phosphate coating on iron and steel that is highly resistant to corrosion, very durable and long wearing. The traditional, charcoal-gray color is ideal for non-glare finishes on tactical and hunting guns, or restoring older military guns.


  • $160.00

Rifles, Shotguns & Muzzleloaders

  • $200.00

Cerakote – Bake on H-Series

The World’s leading thin film coating. Cerakote® H-Series is a line of ceramic-polymer hybrid coatings that is designed to provide unmatched performance with an attractive and desirable finish. Cerakote® H-Series coatings provide exceptional corrosion protection, hardness, adhesion, flexibility, impact, chemical and wear resistance.


  • One color: $180.00
  • Two-tone: $200.00
  • Custom: Priced on request



  • One color: $200.00
  • Two-tone: $230.00
  • Custom: Priced on request


Leatherneck cannot manufacture firearms.

Leatherneck Gunsmithing does not return or send any firearms back to the manufacture for repair. The owner may lawfully do that if he/she prefers.

Test firing of firearms: Leatherneck Gunsmithing will only use factory loaded ammunition to test fire and sight in firearms. Leatherneck WILL NOT use customer provided ammo.

Leatherneck Gunsmithing reserves the right to refuse the business of any customer.